How to Download Instagram Stories Without Applications

In insta story, sometimes we find interesting content so we want to save it on our cellphone. But Instagram itself does not provide a feature to download other people's insta story content, unlike our insta story content which will be stored in the story archive.

But calm down, there are still ways to download Instagram stories. You can use third-party download services to store the insta story content offline. So you can still see the contents of the insta story even though 24 hours have passed through your cellphone gallery.



How to Download Instagram Stories Without Applications

To download Instagram stories without an application, we will use a download website service. This method is guaranteed to be effective, moreover you can use it on any device as long as you have a browser to access the website.

This website is indeed created to download various types of Instagram content, including the insta story. The service they provide is completely free, and easy to use. The appearance of the website is easy to understand and is not filled with advertisements. However it does have pop up ads that can appear.

  • Enter the username

Open on your device then enter the Username to view instagram stories anonymously.

  • Select Profile

If using a username, several accounts with similar usernames will appear.

Select the correct profile then click DOWNLOAD NOW , then all insta story accounts will open.

  • Download Insta Story

After the steps above, you will be shown the insta story that belongs to the account.

Choose what you want to download then click DOWNLOAD NOW . has a cleaner website look with a modern feel. When this article was written I couldn't find any advertisements, so it's easier to use. How to use it is also not difficult, you can use it on any device you want.

  • Enter your Username

Open via a browser on your device , then enter the username whose insta story you want to download in the column provided.

Then click Download!

  • Download Stories

The searches on are more accurate than the previous site during my testing, so you don't need to have the correct account like before.

Click Save as Photo for photos and Save as Video for videos, just customize to your liking.

Done !


I think the two examples above are self-explanatory. Here are some alternative similar websites that you can use when experiencing problems with the website above. In general, they are used the same way, so you will have no trouble.

If you fail to find the profile whose story you want to download, chances are that the account is set as private.


How to Download Instagram Stories With Applications

A little extra if you want to save Instagram stories using the application. Here are some free apps that are worth a try for downloading Insta Story.

Story Saver for Instagram

Unlike the previous method, with this application you must log in first before downloading Insta Story. The advantage is that it is easy to find and select the desired Insta Story. Here's how to use Story Saver for Instagram.

Download and install Story Saver for Instagram via the Play Store.

Open the application then log in using your Instagram account.

Then look for the profile account whose Insta Story you want to download, then open that profile.

Inside you will find a list of Insta Stories the account has, select it and tap Save to download it.