Safety Systems in Different Countries

USA (Los Angeles, CA)

The owner of the house in L.A. Received the DoorBird D2101KV, and uses relay one to trigger the gate strike and relay two to unlock the car's rolling gate. Our partner and installer Primary Systems have also added the DoorBird camera to the current NVR.

Photo: Primary Systems (



Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Often the classy stainless steel look isn't exactly what the customer is looking for. You don't need to compromise with DoorBird: the distinctive bronze finish makes the same IP video intercom really stand out – even though it's flush-mounted.

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UK (Blackburn)

This DoorBird D2101V was ordered in the custom colour RAL 8028 terra brown to complement the brickwork behind it. Installed at the main entrance of a residence in the UK and incorporated with RTI touch panels!

Photos: MK Iconic Solutions (Instagram: @MKiconicsolutions)