Cricket first originated in England and can be dated back to 18th century. When the British came to India, they brought with them cricket which overtime started being played in all their colonies as well. Now after, almost 73 years into independence, cricket is one of the most played and widely enjoyed sport in India. Each match, thousands of Indians tune their televisions and radios to watch cricket matches. According to an estimate, almost 400 million tunes in and watch whenever there is a cricket match going on. So, it is more than fair to say that Indians are very passionate about cricket.  

Alongside cricket, betting is another thing that the Indian people enjoy with all their hearts. According to an estimate almost 60% of the entire Indian population is involved in some form of bets. The sport betting industry in India is a rather big one but the largest chunk of this industry is contributed by cricket betting. According to an estimate almost 10,000 to 30,000 crores are being betted on each cricket match. Cricket betting forms almost 80% of the entire sports betting business in India. Cricket betting is not entirely legal in India, but continue to invest in it, nonetheless. Overtime people have started betting online. There is a wide of online cricket betting websites and cricket betting application. Online betting is not entirely illegal as none of the laws state clearly of it being as an illegal activity. One of the main reasons that cricket betting is considered illegal is because it is considered as a sport of luck rather than off skill. This is not entirely true and is highly debatable, as most cricketers will say. With the proper understanding and strategy, you can win and ace cricket betting.

The first and the foremost thing that you need to know when you are entering into cricket betting is the basic know how of cricket as well as betting. Cricket is a rather complex game and has very detailed rules. Being aware of these rules and understanding how things go about in cricket is very important when you want to invest your money into betting. You should know what you are doing and what is it that you are putting your money into. What are the main factors that can help you and your cricket betting endeavors as being aware of the past records of the players and teams? If a player or a team has been performing well in the past years or matches the probability of them winning again is kind of higher. So being aware after overall record can help you make more and formed bet an increase your chances of winning. This is equally important regardless of the type of bet you are making, that is if you are betting on a team or player. Therefore, just knowing what you are doing is one of the best cricket betting tips.

Knowing cricket well is one of the most important things when you are about to start cricket betting but there are other factors that are equally if not more important in cricket betting. Alongside knowing the past record of the team or the players you want to place your money on. Being aware of the who condition of the pitch that the match is being played on is equally important in cricket betting. Studying the pitch and the overall conditions will help increase your chances of making a successful cricket betting. Evaluating all the main factors involved in shaping a match and deeply understanding these factors is extremely significant for cricket betting. And this indeed is a great skill and proves that cricket betting is not entirely a game of fate but can be played with skill.

Cricket teams are ranked based on their past performances. These rankings are based on expert opinions and can provide you with a second opinion do you have preconceived notions about your favorite team or player. nonetheless this expert opinion is of key significance and can improve your cricket betting odds for winning immensely. Knowing the cricket ranking along with your knowledge of the past performances you can increase your probability of winning add cricket betting. Comparing these ranks can help you make better deductions about which team is more likely to win a certain match. Comparing cricket team rankings should be taken as an important step especially when you are betting on which cricket team is going to win. this step might seem like a very basic one but should never be ignored. For example, if a team has performed not that well in the past few matches and you have only taking them into account, considering the cricket ranking will help you and making the best choice. People might say that cricket betting is entirely a game of luck but developing a basic understanding of how things work and the past trends Along with developing a good strategy makes it a game of skill.


Another modern thing that should be considered alongside past ranking, performances and condition and location of the pitch is the weather. Weather plays an important role in cricket matches as it can alter the movement of the ball in a certain cricket match. People who are just an entering cricket betting can sometimes overlook this very key factor. We have seen in the past that the weather and a certain day can actually be the deciding factor in determining what course the cricket match is going to take. So, whenever you are going to start cricket betting make sure that you consider the weather forecast for that match as well. You might even win your bet even if you are not planning all of this ahead, but the thing is that with A proper strategy and plan you can increase your probability of winning at cricket betting. Understanding the significance of each of these factors can add to your chances of winning add cricket betting.

Lastly, you have to consider that betting or gambling can have an addicting effect on your mind. This is a very significant thing that should be taken into account whenever you are entering cricket betting. This will help you keep yourself grounded and will help you keep a reality check on the entire situation. Whenever you are doing cricket betting online you should always consider your financial situation first. The thing is that you have a 5050 chance of winning and losing. So being prepared for both of these scenarios is one of the most important cricket betting steps that you can get for free. It is possible that you just start going with the flow after you have won the first few bets but keeping in mind the probability of losing. So just invest as much money into betting that you can afford to lose.

There is no particular set of cricket betting tips or tricks that can ensure that you would win a cricket bat on line 100% but these things can help better your chances overall. As I have already mentioned that cricket betting is not entirely a game of luck but can be a game of skill and planning as well. So, to make the most out of your cricket betting experience and to gain the maximum cricket betting wagers doing some homework on your part will help your chances of acing cricket betting. therefore, it is suggested that you think about it curly and then jump into your cricket betting. you can make it a game of skill if you want to win.