Windshields are arguably the most overlooked component of any vehicle, requiring your attention only when they suffer a misfortune, such as a scratch or shattering. So much so that a passing glance from a stranger may make or break their day.

The invisible literally quiet defenders of today's drivers, on the other hand, have a colorful history and a list of unappreciated or outright unknown features that will almost certainly earn them the respect they deserve.

So, here are some interesting facts regarding auto windshields.


Safety & Windshields

It's a frequent misperception nowadays that windshields' main purpose is to protect you and your vehicle from foreign objects. However, many people are unaware that it is essential for structurally reinforcing your car.

They, for example, give your car's roof a great deal of stability. Your automobile windshield keeps your automobile from collapsing and crushing you and your passengers if it flips over due to an unlucky accident.

Not only that, but your windscreen absorbs shocks and crashes, sending the stress to the chassis rather than the interiors.

Finally, and perhaps most shockingly, your automobile windshield enables effective airbag deployment by properly placing it upon impact so that it does not completely miss your body. Another reason why windshields must be placed correctly is because they are prone to cracking. Hence the windscreen cracks should be avoided.


Safety Benefits of Tinted Glass

Although tinted glasses and driving with windscreen cracks is prohibited in Malaysia to a certain extent, they do extend the life of your automobile windshield. It creates a barrier between the sun's UV radiation and the vehicle glass, preventing damage. It also keeps the glass from shattering when it comes into touch with dust and dirt, saving you money on repairs.

You may install laminated or tempered windshield glass if you want to boost the ante on safety. Sharp items cannot penetrate the car's body because laminated glasses are built up of numerous layers. Tempered glass, on the other hand, has just one layer and when cracked, it shatters into minute bits.


Windshields on automobiles were once considered a status symbol.

As unbelievable as it may seem, automobile windshields, which protect passengers from being flung out of the vehicle, were formerly considered a luxury item, which is absurd given their significant contribution to the vehicle's safety, visibility, and overall structural integrity.

A vehicle windshield was an add-on feature in the early 1900s, much like stereo speakers and back cameras are now. Back them was a thin sheet of glass that could be folded down if it became filthy. Only the most affluent auto owners could afford one.

Then, in 1915, Oldsmobile introduced the windshield as a standard feature, putting a stop to the absurd luxury standards.


Invention of shatterproof glass.

Yes, your car's primary means of avoiding collisions was an accident. Eduoard Benedictus, a young French chemist, had lost one of his flasks during one of his experiments, which is a common occurrence in a scientist's everyday work. But this flask has a cellulose nitrate coating on it. Instead of breaking and spilling its contents, this covering caused the flask to bounce on the ground.

Benedictus did not immediately patent his invention, instead declaring it his intellectual property in 1909. As we all know, this contribution resulted in the development of laminated and shatterproof glasses, which are now widely used to safeguard modern drivers from the dangers of the road.



Mary Anderson is credited with inventing the vital windshield wipers that are still in use today, which is unsurprising. She was inspired by a stranded trolley car driver who couldn't see since his windows were covered with snow.

Her idea was well-received, and she received a 17-year patent the same year. Thousands of Americans were already using wipers a decade later, and the wipers are now utilised worldwide.


The most common insurance claim is windshield repair.

It may come as a surprise, but cracked or shattered windshields are the most common vehicle insurance claims made. While a cracked or chipped windshield may not entirely disintegrate, even little chips and cracks can jeopardize the integrity of the glass and, with it, your safety. As a result, it's critical to address these little blemishes as soon as possible before they worsen.’

Defective automobile windshields cost insurance companies a lot of money every year, whether they're caused by flying debris, dust, or an auto accident.

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