Anonymously View Instagram Stories

Anonymous viewing of Stories on Instagram itself cannot be configured in any way - the account will see everyone who has gone through the cards of his Stories. But through special services, applications and telegram bots, you can view someone else's page in secret, and the account owner will never know who it was and whether anyone was on his page at all. Unless, of course, you yourself do not confess to him.

Services for anonymous viewing of Stories

There are many services for anonymous viewing of Instagram Stories. There are paid and free versions, we will tell about free ones.

On sites and applications for anonymous viewing of stories, you do not need to register, log in through the social network or send SMS to access the tool. You just need to enter the address or name of an interesting profile in the search field.

Let's look at the most popular services in the search engine results.

Option 1: instastory

InstaStory can be used through a computer or phone, through a website or an installed application.

After entering the profile name, its stories and posts (photos) appear, which can be downloaded to your device.

The InstaStory application has a "follow" function, if you click on it, the user will receive notifications about new account stories.

InstaStory is convenient because when entering an account name, the service offers options starting with the same letters, that is, it prompts the user what to enter - just like on Instagram.

Option 2: Gramster

Through Gramster, you can also anonymously watch posts and Account Stories, but in addition, you can find out who is subscribed to and who are subscribers of the profile.

In Gramster, you need to enter the full account name before the program will say whether there is such a person or not.

On Google Play, the same app can be found under the name Story Post Saver - Incognito Mode.

The functionality of the application is no different from the functionality on the site, you can also view the Stories anonymously, and save your favorites on your device.

If you want to make a story similar to the one you like in your account, use the built - in story editor from SMM Planner - there you can find many design templates for every taste and color.

Option 3. Insta-stories

Insta-stories is another service for anonymous viewing of Instagram Stories. In addition to Stories through Insta-stories, you can see photos of your account, download them.

Insta-stories is a service that can only be used through the website. He has no application for the phone.


How to Anonymous viewing of Stories on Instagram of a private profile

All applications and services make it possible to view other people's photos and Incognito Stories only if the account is public, that is, open.

Viewing anonymously Instagram Stories of a closed account in 2020 is not possible.



You can view the Stories of an interesting page so that the account does not know about it, you can through services and applications - the choice of the specific is yours! And remember that in all cases, viewing stories anonymously is only possible on public pages.


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