Why do you double-check your email list through email verifier before sending mass emails?

It's bad luck if you have a bad email address. Since poor email addresses normally result in a hard rebound, this is the case.

The email you worked so hard to create and optimize? It never hits your customer and it demonstrates to mailbox providers that you aren't implementing best practices, causing your sender credibility to suffer. As a result, you'll start to see detrimental effects on the average email deliverability.

You've spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours collecting email addresses. But what if the email address is incorrect? That's not only a failed customer; it's still all that time and effort.

Allowing typos to clog up your email list of invalid email addresses is a bad idea. Make sure you're catching any user along the way by using email checking software.

The email verifier tool by findemailaddress will reduce your bounce rate by up to 20% for your email campaigns. With email verifier, you can improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.



When it comes to checking your email list, how much do you do so?

Very often, in fact.

That's because anytime you get someone's email address, you're just getting a single snapshot of their life. They can change email addresses, domains, or email providers, resulting in a loss of 25% of your email database each year. We suggest that you run a complete contact check using findemailaddress’s email verifier on your email list at least once a year.

If you're looking for assistance with your overall email deliverability plan, findemailaddress’s email verifier will assist you. Their email specialists have worked with market leaders such as Lyft, Shopify, and Dell to help them boost their email output using an industry-leading email service.


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Why Do You Use findemailaddress’s email verifier?

Every month, findemailaddress’s email verifier (https://findemailaddress.co/email-verifier) handles billions of emails. This provides us with a valuable dataset that most providers just do not provide. How do you know whether an account is legitimate or not if your email authentication provider doesn't deliver email? Today, findemailaddress’s email verifier has cached virtually every available email address, and as our user base expands, we'll continue to improve our accuracy.

Don't get stuck with a vendor that has poor data collection. findemailaddress’s email verifier will help you check your email lists, send bulk email, and monitor the credibility of your domain.


Begin Validating Right Now

With the industry's best bulk email authentication platform, you'll never get a heavy bounce again.

Don't wait until you get the hard bounce to realize you've got a poor email address. For lightning-fast authentication, our findemailaddress’s email verifier uses our cache of billions of email addresses as its primary source. Since it's so fast, you can use it on your signup, checkout, or form submission pages to ensure that you're getting correct answers before users ever join your framework.

Can you want findemailaddress’s email verifier that can handle millions of emails? You can rely on us to provide results in minutes, not days. The sophisticated algorithm detects typos, misspellings, and other mistakes that jeopardize your mailing credibility, so you can relax when you hit submit.

Findemailaddress’s email verifier will help you check your email lists, send bulk email, and monitor the credibility of your domain.

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How does the email address authentication process work using findemailaddress’s email verifier?

Check a single email address at a time with findemailaddress’s email verifier tool. Upload a CSV of emails for us to verify in bulk with bulk email verifier, or use lightning-fast email authentication API. This email checker looks at deliverability history across the entire findemailaddress’s email verifier, in addition to real-time research. In seconds, findemailaddress’s email verifier detects syntax errors or suspicious domain names.

To decide whether an address is mailable or not, we combine the strength of our sending data from reviewing billions of emails every day with SMTP lookups from email providers including Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo Mail. The following tests are performed as part of our patented verification process:

  • Verification of the email account and the MX record
  • Verification of addresses using rolls.
  • Verification of disposable email addresses
  • Check for RFC grammar rules.
  • Suggestions on potential typos

We're always adding new rules and changes to ensure that you're still comparing email addresses to the latest up-to-date data. With our Foundation plan, you'll get findemailaddress’s email verifier and a lot more. Sign up now and begin reading your emails.



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